Are you flying or floating?

If you are anything like me, your life is like a bullet. You’re flying from here to your goals. You are moving fast and picking up speed. Every now and again you may hit an object, but it only changes your course slightly.

It’s hard to influence a bullet. Bullet’s have so much inertia that they tend to stay on their course until they slow down. But being a bullet feels good.

When I’m a bullet, I feel like I’m getting somewhere. I feel like I’m making progress. I feel like I’m being productive. But this can be deceptive.

Other people I know are more like balloons. They’re just floating in space. They don’t move very fast, but they are easy to influence. They shift on the winds following where the moment takes them.

Many of my favorite artists and writers are balloons that float from one inspiration to the next.

The Problem
The world needs both balloons and bullets, but greatness require both.
Action without thought or influence can be powerful, but your force is limited by the precision of your aim.

Thought or influence without action can be creative, but without power you end up drifting in analysis.

The trick it to discern the form you need to take in this moment. If you’re not sure what mode you need, follow this simple test:

1. Do I know what I want to achieve in simple clear terms?
If the answer is yes, it may be time to be a bullet and test your ideas.
If the answer is no, slow down, float, and investigate.

2. Am I afraid to get started?
If the answer is yes, you may be using analysis to delay action, time to fire.
If the answer is no, maybe you need to get some height to find your edge.

3. When do you want it to be done? And when does it truly actually have to get done?
If the urgency you feel is internal, it may mean you need to listen to the breeze and consider your options. If the urgency is external, it may be time to put steel to powder and gitter dun.

The challenge for anyone who wants to create a life that matches their ambition and their heart is to find balance between floating and flying.

Tweet, Be a bullet to get the work done and a balloon to gain clarity.Tweet: Be a bullet to get the work done and a balloon to gain clarity. @mindfitmove