Social Media Is The New Karma

If you ever want to see a very simple example of Karma, just look at your Facebook feed.

Are there lot’s of cat videos?

Sponsored posts for surf gear?

The latest Ellen video?

Although there are many downsides to the invasive and eerie accuracy of online algorithms one advantage is that they reveal what we’re attracted to.

You might be able to lie to yourself about being over your ex, but the frequency of her posts are based on the frequency of your clicks.

You might be able to pretend that you spend time on facebook for ‘work’ but the prevalence of crossfit fail videos tell a different story.

Karma is no longer just an esoteric concept, it’s a browser cookie.

So the next time you wonder why you keep seeing the same 5 kinds of posts in your feed, instead of blaming the Zuck, ask yourself what does this say about the nature of my mind?