Receiving Bad News

#BP girl on tracks  JacobWCrosbyReceiving Bad News

Maybe it would be nice if our lives were only full of good news, but I’m not so sure. Sure good news is fun and happy. You get to celebrate and enjoy. But if all we ever got with good news I’m not sure we would ever really learn anything.

Recently I received some bad news about a project I’ve been working on. My partner decided to pull out of the venture quite suddenly and it came as a shock to me. I had a lot of emotions arise around his choice: anger, sadness, fear, grief, and disappointment.

Part of me felt betrayed, while another part of me felt compassion for the difficulty he was facing in making his choice. I watched my mind spin off story after story about what I did, what he did, the choices that we’re made and much much more.

But the truth is none of that really matters. Because as much as I know that things are hard now. And that my emotions are complicated. I know that I am growing.

I don’t understand how and I don’t know what lies on the other side of this thick fog of confusion and doubt. But I know there is another side and I know that by passing through these challenging moments I will emerge cleaner on the other side.

I know this not because I believe in a master plan or some vast and perfect destiny for my life. I know this because I have lived this moment a thousand times. Moments of loss, pain, and struggle.

I know that if I can simply take a deep breath and open my heart, that this practice of living a mindful and passionate life will carry me to where I need to go.

When you are facing a difficult time, sometimes is better to not try and understand. Sometimes it’s understanding that holds us back. So instead, take a deep breath and step forward with an open heart.

The path may be unclear, but that doesn’t mean it won’t lead you to peace.


4 thoughts on “Receiving Bad News

  1. Hi Toku –

    I’m so sorry – that IS hard, but your instinct is right. Just hold on. I know whereof I speak, since I’m taking a break from working on the latest disaster in the handling of my late husband’s estate. When Phillip died last January 22nd, erveryone rushed to tell me that I was a “Survivor”. I knew that. I knew I would survive – but the quality of that life is still pretty low in comparison to when he was alive. I have a lot of questions and a lot of sort-ups and mostly downs – but I’ve learned to hang on and remember to breathe. This, too, shall pass (I hope).

    Anyway, I wanted to share a song with you that is on my all-time list of survivor songs. I first heard it at least 10 years ago, when I was struggling with some very serious life issues – and I gave it to Phillip, when he and I met during our own battles with another life-threatening disease. Hope is the cure for all, I believe, but this is a tough one for me. Alexi Murdoch is a Scottish musician and this is from the EP of the same name. I hope it helps a bit.

    Take care –


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