Mindful Hacking w Hack the System and Maneesh Sethi

Mindful Hacking With Hack The System 

I’ve heard alot of advice as a blogger and most of it wasn’t very helpful. But every time I read Maneesh Sethi’s site I learn a little bit more about creating awesome content that helps change the world one post at a time.

After the recent success of my post Which World Do You Belong To? I wrote to Manseesh to tell him how his advice had helped me share my message with over a half a million readers. And when I did, he was so grateful he asked me to write a post about how I used mindfulness to help my post go viral on facebook and across the web.

Today he published that post and I’m so proud I wanted to share it with all of you. Thanks for being awesome readers and for helping me offer what I love to world. And thanks to Maneesh who helps bloggers like me learn how to take a simple message and give it huge impact. Without further ado here is my post on…


How Gentoku Increased His Blog Traffic by 500,000%

(And Got Over 10,000 Likes on Facebook)

Gentoku is one of my favorite types of readers — the kind who reads my articles, gleans real advice from them, and actually executes upon the advice.

I’m proud to intro Gentoku — using my strategies, he managed to blow up his article 500,000% (yes, that’s right), all for a post called Which World Do You Belong To?

He took an already-trending article on Facebook and made it explode. Below, you’re going to learn how. Check it out.

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