What I Learned At The World Domination Summit.

What I Learned At The World Domination Summit.

So this year I was lucky enough to be able to attend a conference that I’ve been hearing about for a few years. The World Domination Summit despite its name does not consist of mad scientists wearing lab coats or illuminati committees meeting to coordinate with each other. Instead, this conference brings together people who are living an unconventional life in a conventional world.

It’s filled with digital nomads, solo entrepreneurs, Internet business gurus, coaches, writers, and people whose professions defy description. The purpose of the conference is to encourage and inspire people to live a life of service, community, and adventure. And I have to admit I was inspired.

I met so many amazing people who were working on inspiring creative and beautiful projects that I’m still reeling from the experience. For me personally I learned a lot about myself and got some great new ideas about how I can grow my blog, my business, and share my worldview with as many people as possible.

But of all the things I learned, here are my big takeaways from WDS 2014.

Engage with Your Community –

Now this is something I’ve wanted to do, tried to do, and have done in some small ways, but one message I heard again and again is how important it is to engage with your community. And so I’m making a 6-month vow to make a bigger effort to find out more about all of my readers.

I want to know who you are. Why you read my blog (when you do)? How I can help you? What questions do you have? What challenges do you face? And much more.

I’m so lucky to have you as readers and I’m so grateful, but I want to show you how grateful on a more personal level.

So I’m going to be starting a once a month all questions answered Google hangout and the first one will be on August 5th at 5pm PST. During this hangout, you can either join me on the call or send in a question or comment and I’ll do my best to answer them. If you already have a question you want to ask send it to me now! toku at mindfitmove.com

I hope that this will give us a bigger chance to interact with each other and learn about what this Mind Fit Move community is all about.

Understand Your World View

During the blogging academy I attended, I heard a great talk by the writer Jeff Goins. And one of the biggest ideas he shared was the importance of having a worldview. He said that too many people and business try to look for niches, but that’s not what people care about. People care about worldviews.

The reason this point meant so much to me was that I’ve been struggling a lot to find and clarify the ‘brand’ of what I’m trying to do. But as soon as this idea of a worldview was presented, it began to make sense. So I’m going to work over the next 6 months to clarify and represent my worldview.

Here is what I know so far:
You’re Not Broken
There are a lot of voices and ads telling people that they are broken, but I don’t think people are broken. I believe people are whole, but that we each need a little help to accept and learn from every part of ourselves.

You Have Access to Amazing Wisdom
Too many people try to convince you that you are an idiot and that all you need to do is listen to them and you will be happy and successful. I believe that each of us has access to amazing wisdom. And that when we create the space we need to listen to ourselves we can gain access to it.

The Key to Happiness is Less
There are too many voices telling us that we need more to be happy. But I believe that the key to lasting happiness is doing less and having less. When we do less and have less we can spend more time focusing on what makes us happy.

Of course, I have more work to do on this, but this is my start, I hope you’ll join me as I clarify it further.

Final Thoughts –

Of course, there are a lot of other things I learned or relearned at WDS this year. I learned the power of stating your intentions publicly, I learned how important it is to be brave and try new things even if you fail. And I learned that you can achieve great things by being consistent continuing to make an effort.

And while it may take days, weeks, or month for me to absorb everything I learned, the feeling I left with is that so many things are possible when I follow my heart. I feel reenergized in my mission and my desire to help hundreds of thousands of people create the space they need to be happy, access their wisdom, and change their lives and the lives of those around them.


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  1. This is incredibly valuable advice – whether you’re an online entrepreneur or someone just looking for a good life. I agree that simplicity is key, as well as engaging with your community – again, a great message for us all. Thanks for sharing!

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