Knowing how it’s going to go vs discovery –

Discovery is scary because we don’t know how it’s going to go. We are literally walking off the map. In order to avoid the fear of this we try to map things. So we know where we’re going but also so we know how it’s going to go. This is one of the biggest ways to kill off life, possibility, joy, and excitement.

To be in discovery is to be willing to look and really see what’s there. Some people have described it like opening your refrigerator to find the grand canyon. Now THAT would be a discovery. But that’s not the only way to discover, it’s just one way.

What’s important is how you’re being. If you are being discovery the world unfolds like magic and horror and magic. If you’re being I KNOW HOW THIS IS GOING TO GO then it collapses into a chasm of your beliefs.

That’s why there’s so much possibility in discovery and so little possibility in knowing how it’s going to go.