Is This Relationship Serving You?

Relationships make up a big part of our experiences in life, but we rarely really address if a relationship is serving us or not. 

If we hire someone to do a job, we often assess whether or not they are performing up to our expectations. If they don’t we intervene. We offer more training, we communicate our desires more clearly, and we start to track their progress, but we rarely bring this kind of intention and clarity to our relationships. 

Am I satisfied with the depth of this connection? 
Does this relationship feel how I want it to feel? 
What do I even want to get and create in relationship? 

As a result, we tend to hold onto old relationships out of convenience and comfort and fail to invest in new relationships out of a fear of being uncomfortable or an uncertainty about how to deepen our connections. 

So what if we began to look at relationships and consider how we could improve them, deepen them, and create connections that give us the kind of deep satisfaction, challenge, and enjoyment we most crave?