Instead of Buying Stuff Watch This Video

We all know that Thanksgiving is all about being grateful. But  the day after thanksgiving can sometimes seem like it’s all about forgetting what I’m grateful for and deciding to fill my life with more possessions I don’t need and probably won’t make me happy.

And so instead of shopping today I’d love to invite you to try a short meditation on gratitude that I created yesterday to thank you for being my readers.

Meditation on Gratitude:


First Find a comfortable position, sit up right with a nice long spine.


Next, take 3 deep breaths letting go of whatever you were doing before and bring you attention into the present moment.


Then begin to think of things you are grateful for beginning with yourself. You might think about your health, or your sense of humor, or how you always do your best.

But whatever it is on the in breath bring it to mind and then on the out breath say thank you. Repeat this process as you enumerate the things about yourself you are grateful for.


Then after you’ve done a few of those, begin to think about those closest to you. Think about your family, your friends, or people around you. And just like before as you breathe in bring each one to mind. And then as you exhale say to yourself thank you.


Then after you’ve done several of those if you want you can move on to your community, your city, or any thing else you feel grateful for while repeating the same steps.

Inhale and bring it to mind.
Exhale and say thank you.

That’s it. The best part you can try this meditation anytime you get caught up in thinking that you don’t have enough. You can do it for a few mins or just a few breaths. Because connecting to gratitude is powerful no matter what time of year it is.

Thank so much for being my readers. I’m very, very, grateful that you share your lives and attention with me and I’m honored to share my life and struggles with all of you.

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