I Once

I once… bought a same day ticket to New York to tell a woman I loved her and arrived with flowers in my hands.

I once… left my whole life behind me to travel across the US and work as a ski instructor.

I once… got the best job I had ever had, running a cool music venue, making more money then I had ever made.

I once… moved into a Zen monastery intent on discovering the secrets of myself.

The relationship with the woman didn’t last. My car broke down and I haven’t skied again since. I got fired from my job after confronting my boss for stealing. I left the monastery and that entire community soon after.

You could say I once failed. My relationship failed. My plan fell through. I lost my job. I walked away from a path.

You could call these things failures.

I call them adventures.

I touch the edges of these experiences and number them wisdom depth heartbreak love

The wrinkles on my face grow deeper my heart pushes out a bit more

there’s always a reason not to do the thing take the leap go after the dream

But looking back you may say I once and smile