How to a be an amazing mindful guest.


How to a be an amazing mindful guest.

I had the chance to enjoy the hospitality of both some new and old friends on a recent trip. And I began to realize what a strong ethic I have around being a guest.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in the south or maybe it’s because my mother and father really emphasized good manners but I began to realize how much mindfulness it takes to be a gracious guest. Being a good guest is more than about just saying thank you. Though that’s a good start. Being a gracious guest is also about being open to your host, enjoying what you receive, and learning to flow with other people’s lives.

Based on my experience here is a short list of ways to be the kind of guest who always gets invited back.

Bring A Gift

– bringing a gift is a simple but kind way to show your thoughtfulness. No matter who’s coming over a host has to take time to think ahead and prepare. They often clean or de clutter and in some cases prepare a meal. By showing up with a small offering it demonstrates that you have been preparing and looking forward to the visit as well.

Say Something Nice

– giving a small compliment about someone’s home is a nice way to build rapport. Your host is sharing something intimate with you and this is a kind way to honor that offering. In addition by looking for something to compliment your mind will turn towards what you like about their home as opposed to what might bother you.

Be Nice To Kids

– kids get patronized a lot and it’s really lame. I think this happens because people don’t know how to talk to these little people. But I’ve found that speaking to them like adults works best. If you honor and show interest in your hosts children it shows that you honor and value your chance to meet their whole family. Besides kids are often more interesting than adults.

Cook or Pay

– if you are staying overnight always offer to cook a meal or take your host out for dinner. Hotel rooms are expensive so your host has already saved you some money. In addition cooking is an act of service that offers a piece of your life to your host. This creates a nice exchange and helps your host feel grateful to be collaborating with you on the visit .

Make Your Bed

– even if you don’t do it at home, do it here. This isn’t a hotel so don’t think you’ll get turn down service. Again your host has offered you a nice place to stay and a simple way to honor that is to make your bed and keep a tidy living space. a

Say Thank You Often

– I said you should start here but you should end here too. I highly recommend a written thank you note either left in your room, for overnight stays, or sent the next day if you’re a dinner guest. Though saying thank you is important as well a note shows extra thought and care.


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  1. What happened here re all the typos, etc… ? So atypical and made reading it a bit of a challenge! Great thoughts, but barriers to absorption!

    1. Hey thanks for mentioning it. I actually accidentally posted a rough draft. The version I wanted to post somehow got lost in the final update and the rough draft was posted instead. It should be mostly fixed by now, but thanks for keeping me honest!

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