How fast can you let things change?

I’ve noticed that most people are unwilling to believe that things can change quickly. During times of prosperity, we tend to assume that they will continue indefinitely. Conversely, when facing difficulties or obstacles, we tend to believe that they will persist indefinitely.

But change often happens quickly and when we least expect it.

What does that look like? 

About 6 months ago, my partner and I were looking for a new place to move into in Salt Lake. We had viewed a dozen places and what we found was depressing. 

Most of the places in our budget were just alright. They ran the gambit between too small and in a good part of town or bigger but in a part of town we didn’t like that much. 

Some of the places were scary and yet somehow still quite expensive. We were about to give up and renew our Airbnb for another month, when I found a newly listed place with amazing views of the Salt Lake Valley. The owner wanted responsible renters and was willing to make a decision quickly. 

Later that day we went and looked at the place, and within 24 hours had signed the lease. Just like that everything shifted. We went from hopeless and discouraged, to excited and happy.  

And that’s how quickly change can happen. 

  • You’re alone and wish you had a partner, then you meet someone incredible at a party. 
  • You hate the way your meetings are going then you change the format and it’s like everything is in flow. 
  • You can’t think of anything to write about and then you respond to an email and you get a great idea for a post. (This one is autobiographical and happening right now 😉)

Things can change quickly. 

The question is, are you open to that? 

  • Are you open to the possibility of things changing swiftly? 
  • Are you willing to let things change fast? 
  • Are you ready to be flexible when change presents itself? 

To be a successful leader, creator, or entrepreneur, it’s important to be open to sudden changes and actively seek ways to adapt. If you’re resistant to the possibility of sudden change, you may feel like your problems are insurmountable and your work is constantly challenging.