Have You Ever Gotten A Text From Your Brain?

Hey Hey what’s ur deal? Are you mad at me? Look we gotta talk. ? I dig that you like rely on me and stuff but we gotta change a few things.

What do you mean? Well, first I feel like you take me for granted I mean, we just think about the same stuff over and over again. What are you talking about? Remember that fight you had with your roommate? Yeah

do you really think replaying it over and over again will make it turn out any better? I just thought… You just thought!?! More like you asked ME to think about it ALL DAY LONG It was like being trapped in the movie Groundhogs Day But more passive aggressive

I guess you have a point. Damn right Ive got a point. Ok, what else? You gotta stop dumping all your crap on me. What crap? Seriously? ?? ☹

Look I get that your guilty pleasure is watching vids on Youtube but how am I supposed to get anything done when I have take a break to watch lolz cat videos every 5 mins Wow, Im sorry I didnt know you felt like that Im sorry to get snippy I’m just tired. I think maybe I just need some space.

What? Brain no! Are you breaking up with me? No its just . . . Look I work hard all day and when you sleep I get to play and integrate. 5 hours just isnt enough. I need some consistent ME time. I never realized how important that was to you.

Is there anything else? Well, just a couple of things. Can we start eating better and get some exercise? You keep all that junk food around. We both know its tots not good for us. And they say sugar rots your brain. You don’t want me to rot do you?!? No of course not!

Fine we can get some veggies at the store later But exercise. Are you for real? YES!!! Its so boring looking out at a screen all day. The least you could do is take me for a walk in the neighborhood. You know Im into checking out birds.

Birds? Yeah right. Is that what you’re calling them. We both know what were thinking about Fair enough. How about lets join a running group? Then I can test my wits against

I dont know brain. This is a lot to take in. Hey Im sorry if this came out as harsh. You know I love you. I just want whats best for both of us. I know I just feel like such a jerk and it feels like youre asking a lot. I guess I can see where youre coming from.

OK, I’ll make you a deal. If you can meet me half way on these things I will try to stop giving you headaches and getting all foggy in the morning. I mean were a team right. OK I’ll give it a shot.

:) But let me make sure I got it. Less repetitive thinking, more sleep, less silly cat videos, less sugar, and more exercise. You nailed it! Thanks for listening ☺ No problem ;)

Hey Brain Yeah? Is it cool if we watch a little TV now I promise I’ll go to bed afterwards Sure, I’ll see you after this episode of TNG Bye bye


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