The Tension Between Confidence and Impostor Syndrome

There is exists in the mind of talented people a tension between their confidence and their humility. If you ask any of my clients they’ll admit they’re good at what they do. After all you don’t get to the top of your field by being mediocre. But if you push a little harder you’ll discover that they also have doubts about their ability.

They don’t think they write that well, they have questions about their leadership, and they’re unsure how much of their success is do to talent and how much is due to luck.

This is normal. It’s normal to feel confident and also unsure. It’s normal to love your work and also to be worried that you’ll have it taken from you.

Life is a constant balancing act between the confidence it takes to succeed and the doubts it takes to drive you to keep improving.

So how do you deal with this?

First realize that you’re probably better than you think. At this level a lot of what you take for granted as easy, is hard for the rest of us. Just because you have challenges and taste doesn’t mean you don’t rock. Just think about where you are, this alone is proof of your ability.

Next realize that improvement is a life long process. You can always keep improving, if you’re dedicated to making things interesting. You can challenge yourself without making yourself suck. Instead of using criticism to drive your improvement, use curiosity.

Finally learn to enjoy and appreciate your victories. Enjoy the prestige your position brings. Enjoy the success. Then once you’ve enjoyed it, let it go.

Success isn’t about making yourself feel like crap so you’ll have motivation to work hard. It’s also not about making yourself feel like a god. It’s about enjoying the good things your work brings you and remembering that the best reason to be amazing is to inspire others to join you on stage.

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