A Floatie In The Ocean Of Life

Some people say that the key to life is discipline:
– Make a plan and stick to it
– Make a list and check it off
– Don’t eat too much
– Save your money
– Be cautious

Some people say that the key to life is fun:
– Live like theirs no tomorrow
– Enjoy the flow of life
– Stay out late
– Take a lover
– Eat that cake . . . Carpe Cake’em

Both are simply strategies for dealing with uncertainty.
Life is uncertain so prepare for it.
Life is uncertain so live it.

Life unfolds regardless of our strategy.

Some people arrive at the end of life with a large bank account but no living.

Some people end up in a hospital in a foreign country unable to pay their medical bills.

Life doesn’t care about your strategy. Nothing is certain. And when we lay back against this, like lying in the ocean we start to notice we have been appointed to something. To a mission that has space for both the ebb of discipline and the flow of fun.

The trick is to learn to balance and bob, never needing certainty to arrive too late or be taken too soon.

Today I will notice my favorite life strategies and learn to embrace the simple rhythm of declaration and surrender.

You can learn to do this alone or with help. If you want to learn how to create from declaration and surrender I challenge you to step into the deep end of the pool.

I’m currently creating 100 conversations on surrender in service of my life’s work, if this is showing up for you I challenge you to let go and claim a spot – http://bit.ly/SurrenderW