Don’t Resolve, Grow

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Don’t Resolve, Grow

Resolution is a poor word for change. Every year I find the idea of New Year’s resolutions to be a bit faulty. It’s as if we have this capacity for will and effort in reserve and all we have to do is put it into action.

But in my life I’ve found that resolve isn’t activated, it’s grown. It’s a slowly and carefully cultivated crop that requires intention, love, practice, and patience.

You have to start with a seed of knowing that you already possess all you need to change.
You have to water that knowledge with love and reassurance.
You have expose that seed to the elements, which means some warm sun, but also some chilly nights of doubt and some heavy downpours of set backs.
You have to watch your resolve carefully and care for it.
Then, after a while, your resolve will blossom and it will grow change in your life.
It will grow huge change that you couldn’t have imagined.

But the key is to start with the seed and to realize that growth is a slow imperfect process.

So I encourage you to pick one to three small habits you want to create in January. And then set up a plan to cultivate these habits with love and patience.

Grow your resolve and it will benefit you all year.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Resolve, Grow

  1. What a wonderful way to nurture change in your life. One of my intentions for the new year is to make mistakes – to be willing to move forward with my thoughts and ideas knowing that some will be mistakes which can then foster further growth and opportunities.

    1. I think that’s a great resolution. I once recommended to a client that she go out and intentionally make some mistakes. There is a certain freedom when you shoot for error. And sometimes mistakes lead to wonderful discoveries.

  2. I sometimes avoid opening the emails with your blog posts. They challenge me to be more… To think…. To step outside what is comfortable and easy… Thank you

  3. So I planted my first seed today. I live to write, but never seem I have/make time to do it. Today I did my first post for 5 minute blog Friday. They post a topic, you write for 5 minutes and post it. It felt great and 5 minutes a week is doable!

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