I Don’t Feel Like It

Some mornings you won’t feel like it.

You won’t feel like writing, or exercising, or doing your meditation, or reaching out to clients.

You won’t feel like loving your wife or husband or partner or kids.

Some mornings it will all feel heavy and hard and you’ll wonder if you can just get by without doing it.

Flow people will tell you you’re trying too hard.
Habit people will tell you, you need to try harder.

Both have a point.

The other choice is to remember and empower.

  • Remember why you committed to exercises,
  • Remember why you are committed to coming from love,
  • Remember why you want to be who you said you wanted to be.

Don’t push, don’t relax. Empower instead.

Remember why.
Let it open your heart.
Let it move you, even when you don’t feel like moving.

The tenderness required to choose your life, is the most breathtaking of all.

And it can also be the most incredibly annoying thing to have to do before you have your coffee.

Do it anyway.