Dear Seth Godin – (A Play In One Act)

::Two friends enter and begin having a conversation::

A Blog Savvy Friend: Hey dude, how have you been?

Toku: Great! I’m working hard on creating a new blog and site, and I’m launching it soon.

A Blog Savvy Friend: That’s awesome, dude! Tell me about it. Who’s your ideal audience? Who are you writing it for?

Toku: Seth Godin

A Blog Savvy Friend: huh . . . I don’t get it.

Toku: What’s to get?

A Blog Savvy Friend: Why would you write a blog for Seth Godin? I mean he doesn’t even read a lot of blogs. He’s like super successful. What could you have to say to Seth Godin?

Toku: Well you know, I coach these influential leaders, and one of the things I’ve noticed is how there’s no space for them anywhere. I mean all the events and conferences they attend, people are there to see them.

People are always asking them questions and looking to them to solve their problems. And that’s what they do.

Seth writes a blog every day that challenges the minds of ten of thousands of people. He writes brilliant content that impacts the world.

But as much as he does for other people, no one does it for him. Who’s the person who wakes up everyday and thinks: “What can I do today to help Seth Godin? How can I write something to help Seth solve his problems today?”

A Blog Savvy Friend: Huh. . . I guess I never really thought of it that way. I just figured lots of people help someone like Seth Godin. I guess I figured he just helps himself. I mean he’s so successful. He can do anything he wants; it never occurred to me that he needs something like that.

Toku: I think everyone needs someone who cares about them enough to serve them deeply, especially someone like Seth Godin. It’s so easy to assume that he has it all figured out, and he does have a lot more figured out than most. But I care a lot about the people who create the things that change the world. I love helping them in anyway I can. I love to think about what they struggle with and how I can offer them a new way to face the problems that are unique to just them.

Toku: That’s why I’m starting my blog. To help this group of people that no one thinks needs any help. To help the leaders with the ideas and tools that can support them in doing the kind of work the world needs them to do.


Everyone needs someone who's main goal is to serve them deeply, esp. someone like @sethgodinblog - @mindfitmove

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