Why A Blue Balloon Is Better

We go around our whole lives looking at other people’s balloons thinking ‘ooo that’s a nice one!”Wouldn’t it be nice to have a red one. . . that one’s all silvery . . . lime green WOW! haven’t seen one of those before.’

We do this incessantly and call it comparison. At scale we call it social media.

What we should really call it is futile comparison because most of the time this comparison neither motivates us to change and very often encourages us to ignore and discount the value of our own balloon. Which to us is just a plain ole blue one.

But to other people, your ‘plain ole blue balloon’ is a ‘oooo look at that cool blue balloon!’

The truth is you’d be much better off just appreciating the balloon you have and learning how that balloon can serve others as you serve yourself.

PS – If you’re thinking to yourself, it seems silly to long after another color of balloon then you’ve understood me perfectly.