Beyond The Facade

Most successful people I know have some kind of facade. Often it’s the facade of accomplishments and talent, charm and intelligence, or wisdom and power.

But even though we know this, most of us choose to wear our facade, because we’re afraid of what’s behind that layer. But there is a reason why deeply creative and powerful people step beyond the mask, and it’s because life behind it is less than what it could be.

4 Reasons Step Out From Behind Your Facade –

1. You can’t feel love –

Behind the mask, there is no love; there is only love of the mask. If you want to let others truly care for you, you have to let them in. Not all the way at first, but bit by bit, until they can see the you beyond the mask.

2. You’ll never be satisfied –

The reason so many successful people are trapped in existential woe is that they only experience success through the mask. They feel like frauds and sense there is something more. And they’re right. Except the more isn’t out there in the world, it’s hidden behind the facade they wear each and every day.

3. You don’t know who you are –

You probably know you’re more than your job and your paycheck (esp. if you’ve watched fight club) but the facade hides everything else. There is a you that is beyond success and your accomplishments. And you don’t have to give away all your worldly possessions to see it.

4. The people who love you feel alone –

People who love successful people often feel neglected, but it’s not because successful people don’t care as much as others do. It’s simply because they lose their ability to relate to others beyond the mask. This means they treat their children like clients or readers, they treat their spouses like business partners, and they treat their friends like a mastermind group.

Until you learn to step out from behind the mask, the people in your life can’t feel the warm heart you want them to feel. And you won’t be able to relate to them beyond the context in which you feel the most comfortable.

How To Step Out From Behind Your Facade

Stepping away from your facade is hard. It feels like an essential part of you and leaving it can make you feel like your falling through a hole in the sky.

So instead of challenging you to take a huge step and abandon your facade. I want to give you a simple practice that can help you learn to let it go in a subtle but powerful way.

The Practice of Letting Go –

Simply step outside of your home, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Notice that the world comes to you without a mask, notice that sounds come to you without effort, and notice how in silence there’s no need to separate yourself.

Pause here in this space and put down the mask. Feel the fear that arises. Feel the discomfort that’s there. Feel the fresh air on your naked face.

Then slowly put the mask back on. Notice the safety it offers. Notice how easy it feels to wear. Notice your strong attachment.

Finally, ask yourself these questions:

  • What would be possible if you could learn to take of the mask just a little bit with someone who makes you feel safe?
  • What kind of creative energy could you unleash if you could access a life beyond the mask?
  • What would it be like to love others and be loved, not for what I’ve done, but simply for the person I was from the very beginning?

Our masks are seductive and powerful, but the path of extraordinary success lies beyond what is familiar. Which is why if you want to feel the connection and the power to create something truly astounding. You must learn to live a life beyond your mask.