Avoiding 9 Years Of Wasted Effort

There are things you know about the world that are true. And then there are assumptions you make about the world that aren’t. Most of the time these assumptions are harmless. But sometimes these assumptions keep you trapped in a world that can literally eat the time and joy in your life.

Saving 9 Years in 15 Mins –

The other day I talked to a woman about her plans for the year. She told me she wanted to start a business as a career coach because she thought there was a market for it.

I asked her if she liked doing that kind of work and she said, “No, but there’s a market.” I asked her again if she liked doing that kind of work and she said “No, but there’s a market.” I asked her a third time and she paused. I could almost hear her gears turning through the phone.

I waited a moment and then I asked, “What do you LOVE doing? What would make you jump out of bed every morning, excited to get to work?”

She told me she loved helping people grow their businesses. She told me about the clients she worked with and how she had served them. As she spoke her voice was light and free. “So why don’t you do that?” I asked. “Well that’s my 10 year plan, to have my own consulting firm” she replied.

Again I paused and then I asked, “Why not create that this year? Instead of working on 9 years of something you don’t love in order to get to your dream, let’s just find a way to do what you love starting today?” I could almost hear her smile through the phone.

I looked down and realized we’d only been talking for 15 mins.

What Are You Missing?

You might think you’ve never make a mistake like this, but even my most brilliant and experienced clients makes these mistakes all the time.

So here’s my challenge for you. Take a moment today and ask yourself, “What assumptions are holding me back?” Schedule a time with an honest friend or advisor and ask them to challenge your way of thinking.

Don’t waste nine years. Be willing to face yourself and overcome the fixed ideas that stand between you and what could be a truly extraordinary life.