5 Simple Truths

5 Simple Truths I Found At The Beach

I Take Too Much For Granted:

This life is so precious and so short. Even the simplest conversations with our families are more valuable than gold. And yet we take these moments for granted either by not appreciating them or by ignoring them.

Don’t forget to notice the life around you and be grateful.

I Forget To Play:

When we’re young, we want to be older, because we believe we’ll have more control. What we don’t realize that along adult hood comes the role of pretending to be very mature. But the truth is that there is always a part of us that loves making sand castles and playing games in a pool.

Don’t lose track of the joy of play and don’t take yourself so seriously that you can’t enjoy building a moat in the sand. Your life will be better if you can be a little childish from time to time.

The World Is A Bounty Of Simple Beauty

It’s funny that every year when I come to the beach I’m blown away by how beautiful the moon looks at night. Yes, there is something amazing about that shimmering orb as it reflects light across the ocean.

But the truth is that I see simple beauty everyday of my life. The problem is that I normally don’t take the time to stop and appreciate it.

Simple beauty is shimmering around you almost all the time. Don’t forget to look.

The World Was Not Made For My Convenience:

Every year when I get bug bites, I feel a bit annoyed. A part of me thinks, how dare those little bugs feed off of my blood. But then I realize that the bugs are just doing what they need to live.

The truth is that the world wasn’t made for my comfort; it evolved to support a million or more living species of all varieties. And more than anything, I ought to be grateful to be a part of this giant earthly family.

Don’t forget you are just one of many beings in the world.

Life is Simpler Then I Make It Seem:

We are all very good at adding layers of complexity through our lives. Our desire, wishes, and preferences can all add up to make life a very complicated mess. But the truth is that life is very simple.

Life asks us to be kind, patient, and giving whenever possible. And when we act with humility and give everyone some space to grow, Life is pretty good after all.

Don’t overcomplicate your life. Do what matters. Do it often. And don’t forget to accept the moment that is before your eyes.


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